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Spellcast: Deathmatch

Spellcast: Deathmatch is the classic hand-waving multi-player game of spellcasting (Java Applet Version). Two or more wizards clash to defeat all opponents in a no-holds-barred contest of wits.

This program is not a descendant of the popular X Window game called "spellcast". Rather, it is a reimplementation of the same game in a different format. The original program was distributed with a license that is not quite GPL, so a clean break was made.

This program has some major improvements over the original game, namely that all spells originate in a scripting style text file, which may be edited by hand. New spells and monsters can be added, and any unbalanced spells can be adjusted.

Spellcast: Deathmatch cannot yet be played by a single person, but a future version may include a simple alpha-beta searching agent.

As soon as we work out a beta version, we will have screen shots, instructions, and (hopefully) a demo linked from here.

Current major contributers to the project:
Web page created by Joseph Sims. It's no HTML Wizardry because "Dispel Magic" is cast at the beginning of every game ;-P.